I started it. Do you mind helping me get started by spreading the word and what not?

((Sure I will.))

My brothers if you ever need the advice of another recruit, go here! *Points up where it says askottomanrecruit*

Forgive me for the repeat question assassin. For a new question; Have you ever accidentally misplaced any of your weapons or had any of the other recruits hide them from you as a practical joke?

It is alright amico mio.

Si! That indeed has happened! Geo, one of my constant companions and brother in the Brotherhood thought it would be funny to hide all of my equipment. One morning when I was called out to the stables, to be sent off on a mission, I had to tell Maestro Ezio that I could not find any of my weapons. He scolded me and gave the mission to some one else, saying I was not properly prepared.

Geo tells me later he hid all of my things in a bale of hay.

I punch him square in the face. Which, in turn, knocks him out cold.

This more for the creator of this blog, but are there plans for an ottoman recruit ask or would be open? I was thinking of doing one, but since you already run an ask recruit I wouldn't be comfortable doing it without your consent I suppose.

(( Yeah sure, go a head. I barely man this one as it is, there should be another Ask-Recruit blog while I’m gone. We shall share the glory my comrade! XD ^_^))

would you have sex with any of your fellow assassins?

*Blushes crimson* I-I think that is…. a very personale question to ask. But if you must know…..Si. I have already admitted that I have once. >_< Why Anon? Why?

What was the most difficult mission you've ever been assigned to?

I’m sorry but I’ve already answered that question, but I will answer it again amico mio.

Where to begin?

I suppose I should start off with how I was assigned it. Well, Geo (Geo being his nickname) became sick. Hay fever I think. Master Ezio told me since I was just sitting around that I should take his place. I rolled my eyes, of course, at that. He was the one, after all, that made me the Recorder of Order History.

The mission was: One of the member of the Thieves Guild found out that there was some top ranking Templar Agents in Rome. They were meeting at the Roman Colosseum.

My job was to find out what they were up to, then if need be follow them, or if need be kill them.

The Templars were from far Europe, they were planning an assault on Italy. They were planning on forcibly taking back Roma.

There was 6 of them, all 6 generals of 6 different armies waiting and ready to attack.

I found out, by listening in the shadows that the armies would not attack unless their generals told them too. So, I killed each and every one of them, along with their body guards and took the scrolls they carried with their orders. These generals were still not the highest ranking officers within the Templar order.

I brought the scrolls back to Ezio, Machiavelli, La Volpe, and Bartolomeo. They were shocked by what it said, but happy to know that the armies could not attack. Now that their leaders were gone at least.

That was the mission that finally got me to full assassino!

I hope that story was exciting enough. Most tell me Iā€™m horrible at telling stories. *Smiles brightly*

Are you sure? Well, have you ever THOUGHT about sucking him off? Don't lie either.

NO! Pervertito! He is my Maestro, my Insegnante, and like a father to me! *Pouts* Why would you ask me such a thing?

Have you ever sucked Ezio's dick?

N-n…NO! *Blushes deeply* Impazzendo pervertito!

Hey, you're still around. I thought you had disappeared, I was sad.

Nope, still here! ^_^ Ciao!

Hello? Is there any body out there?

(( Hey I was just wondering, is anyone still interested in this Ask Blog? Does any one still wanna ask Recruit questions?))

what was your favorite fantasy about a fellow assassin?

WHY ANON WHY!? *Pouts*

B-but I have no choice but to answer. *Sigh*

My favorite is…..*Begins to blush cherry red all over her face and ears*……..when ummmm an assassin who will remain unnamed and me are alone at the Rosa en Fiore. We are in one of the rooms with a silk sheeted bed and…….. *gulps* he is……VERY detailed with his….’teasing and motions’. It begins slow but speeds up quickly….I-I always end up waking up right before we finish. When that happens I know it’s going to be a long day.